5 potential Collin Sexton trades for the Utah Jazz to consider

Utah Jazz, Collin Sexton trade ideas.
Utah Jazz, Collin Sexton trade ideas. /
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Almost by chance, the Utah Jazz have built a competent roster.

Heading into the season, most expected the Jazz to be competing for the top spot in the lottery, eyeing Victor Wembanyama, and sitting out the season as one of the worst teams in the league.

Instead, with the pieces they received in the Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert trades, the Jazz competed for the Play-In Tournament. And while they didn’t reach that goal, they still have a bright future.

As things stand, Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler are set to act as the stars in Utah for the foreseeable future. And while Collin Sexton could fit into that picture, too, the Jazz may want to consider other options.

5 potential Collin Sexton trades for the Utah Jazz to consider

Sexton put together a solid season for the Jazz, but it wasn’t spectacular. He was constantly thrown into different roles; at times he would be called into the starting lineup, and other times he would come off the bench. Nonetheless, whenever he played, the Alabama product was effective.

But the star power wasn’t necessarily there. With Markkanen, the framework of a star player is clear. The same can be said about Kessler, who looks like a future Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

As for Sexton, he could be heading for a career as a top-end bench scorer.

That’s a fine ceiling, but at 24 years old, it could be worthwhile for the Jazz to explore potential trade options. Teams that are heading for a full-on tank could want to take a look at Sexton, and his valuable contract could be enticing.

This isn’t to say that the Jazz should go all-in for a star and attempt to compete for a title, but trading Sexton for other pieces that fit their core of Markkanen and Kessler better could be worth it.

Or, if teams are willing to give up some picks, that could also be an avenue for the Jazz to look at.

Here are five potential Sexton trades the Jazz should consider this summer.