3 Jazz players that won’t be back next season after missing play-in

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With the regular season coming to a close, the Utah Jazz find themselves in an interesting spot entering the offseason.

The Jazz just ended the regular season as the 12th seed in the West, only two games outside of making the play-in. While the team exceeded most’s expectations, it wasn’t enough to get them top 10 in the conference, giving them a headstart into the 2023 offseason

We now enter what should be an extremely important few months for the Utah Jazz. An offseason where the Jazz have a lot of flexibility with three first-round picks, as well as a good amount of cap space. With the team getting as close as they did to the play-in this season, it’s not too hard to believe that with the right moves made to this roster, we could see the Jazz in the playoffs come next season.

However, with these moves inevitably come some cuts to the team, just like any offseason. In the Jazz’s case, they’ll have potentially eight free agents on the market that could potentially find themselves on a new team come summer (depending on how some player options go) This doesn’t even include the unlimited potential for deals the Jazz could come across in the off-season considering their pool of assets.

With this, let’s take a look at 3 players that we probably won’t see back on the Jazz come next October.

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