4 possible landing spots for sharpshooter Bojan Bogdanovic

Utah Jazz forward Bojan Bogdanovic (Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports)
Utah Jazz forward Bojan Bogdanovic (Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Utah Jazz seem set on clearing house, getting younger, and trading away any established players with any sort of value. They did it with Patrick Beverly, and appear to be getting ready to send Jordan Clarkson to a contender. While Clarkson probably has the highest value of anyone on the roster, Bojan Bogdanovic is also drawing some attention around the league.

In fact, if you just Google “Bojan Bogdanovic,” the immediate results include ramblings that the Lakers, Suns, Raptors, Bucks, Kings, Heat, 76ers, and Knicks all want to add Bojan to their roster.

Utah Jazz: What is the trade value of Bojan Bogdanovic

With nearly every contending team wanting a piece of Bojan, the Jazz get to pick and chose who they trade with. Despite being 33 years old, Bojan is still in his prime and can provide meaningful minutes and efficient scoring as a secondary option, or he could come off the bench and average big numbers.

Last year was perhaps his second best season ever, as he averaged 18.1 points on nearly 40% shooting from deep. He is well worth a first-round pick for a contender who might need some additional firepower to get over the hump.

When I did my speculation on where Clarkson might end up, I suggested that teams might want to overpay for him. I do not think that will be the case with Bogdanovic, as there is no telling just how much gas he has left in the tank. Teams that trade for him expect him to be a good roleplayer for three seasons and then will move on. They won’t be mortgaging their future on him, but that doesn’t have to prevent Utah from getting a solid return