Heat Twitter has an insane take on Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz currently have one of the best shooting guards in the league on their roster. We can’t be sure if he’ll be there for much longer, given that he’s the target of trade rumors and most of the league seems to be after him, but for now, Donovan Mitchell is still a Jazzman.

In order to get a better deal for the rising star, it makes sense for fans and front offices to pretend that Mitchell is not as good as he is, in order to get him at a lesser price. I understand the rationale, sure, but at a certain point, logic gets thrown out the window.

Utah Jazz: Opposing fanbases have started to discredit Donovan Mitchell

It’s true, Mitchell has only made three All-Star games. As if that’s a small accomplishment. But he’s only getting better and is emerging as one of the best scorers in the entire league.

The Miami Heat and New York Knicks are two of the frontrunners to get Mitchell. The Heat have a window right now with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, and once Butler passes his prime they could use a scorer to pair with Adebayo. Mitchell would fit that timeline and would be an excellent piece that could allow them to keep competing in the East. The fit is easily there, so it makes sense that Heat fans are all over the idea of getting him.

When enjoying a late-night Twitter scroll, I came across one of the hottest NBA takes I have ever seen. A Heat fan page shared the weird suggestion that Victor Oladipo of all people is better than Donovan Mitchell.

Yes, it’s true. I’ll grant that Oladipo is a better defender and always has been, but what? Mitchell is an elite scorer, and Oladipo is a worse shooter who has only put up 20 points per game once in a nine-year career, compared to Mitchell, who has done that in all five seasons.

Sure, Oladipo has one All-NBA nod and been named to an All-Defensive team, but that’s pretty much it. To suggest a fringe All-Star who has battled injuries and poor shooting is better than a generational scorer is pure insanity.

If the take was just “Oladipo is/was a better defender” I’d be with you 100%. But in today’s NBA scoring unfortunately means more than good defense. James Harden ought to prove that. To suggest that an ascending star who is already a top 15 player is better than someone who barely got there at his peak is ludicrous. Heat fans, what are you doing?