Utah Jazz: Juzang and Cockburn listed as best signings

When the Utah Jazz signed undrafted free agents Johnny Juzang and Kofi Cockburn, I was very adamant that both could be important pieces for the team moving forward. I am still convinced that Cockburn can be a centerpiece in the frontcourt in the future despite a poor showing in his Summer League debut, and Juzang could add some much-needed firepower as Bojan Bogdanovic ages.

Well, if you didn’t believe me that they were good pickups, Bleacher Report is there to back me up. On their list of the 20 best undrafted free agent additions, Cockburn came in at 17, and Juzang was listed at 15. Neither of those is super high rankings, but the upside of having multiple commendable signings is very high.

The list was very eager to point out that Cockburn is the biggest and strongest rookie, including those drafted. He could start out as a specialist player and use his size and wingspan to overcome opposing bigs and block shots. Sound familiar?

Johnny Juzang, on the other hand, was heralded for his ability to score off the dribble or spot up as a catch-and-shoot threat. What he lacks in quickness and athleticism he more than makes up for in offensive upside. If the shots are falling, Juzang could be a real threat in the Association.

After going without a pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, it’s refreshing to see that the Jazz were able to find young talent anyway. Moving forward, they have the draft capital to find some players, so adding talent via signings and picks should give fans a reason to be excited about the future.