Ranking 3 potential Utah Jazz trade chips

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Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

Utah Jazz Trade Chip #1: Jordan Clarkson

There will be some readers who will not like this article. We understand.

That won’t change the fact that the Utah Jazz should trade Jordan Clarkson for a 3-and-D wing.

Clarkson’s entire 2021-22 season has practically been a shooting slump. As of today, he’s hitting 31.7% of his 8.0 three-point attempts per night. That is not ideal, particularly on the team that shoots the most 3s in the NBA.

Yes, Clarkson can be a dazzling shot creator. He keeps the ball on a string, penetrating defenses with an impeccable handle. He can hit off balance layups and jump shots on a level few basketball players can.

It’s just that he provides very little in either the 3 or D category. His extended cold stretches from 3-point range can be devastating to the Jazz’s attack. He is also a suboptimal fit alongside Donovan Mitchell as two undersized ball-handling guards who struggle to consistently hit 3s.

Mitchell’s own struggles from three-point range are a necessary evil. His ability to pressure defenses with penetration is fundamentally the basis of the Jazz’s attack. The same could not be said about Jordan Clarkson.

The Utah Jazz need a 3-and-D wing. They don’t need a ball-handling guard who struggles to connect from deep. The path forward may be obvious.

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