3 veteran free agents the Utah Jazz could consider if necessary

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Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wage war on the NBA, but the Utah Jazz have been mostly unscathed in 2021-22. While other teams have been forced to sign ostensibly retired players, the Jazz have mostly kept a consistent rotation. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. COVID-19 does not discriminate. The Utah Jazz have simply been lucky thus far. In the event that they need reinforcements, there are several former NBA players who could help the team’s cause.

None of these guys are likely to play their way into a permanent rotation spot on the team. They’ll only be considered in the event that the pandemic forces the Jazz’s hand. In that event, the Jazz could do worse than any of these 3 throwback NBA veterans.

Utah Jazz Free Agency Target: Mario Chalmers

Even in his prime, Mario Chalmers wasn’t the splashiest name in the NBA. By 2021, he’s 35 years old and unlikely to thrive in a high usage role. Luckily, the Utah Jazz don’t need to make a splash.

The last time we saw Chalmers in NBA action was as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies in 2017-18. Admittedly, he wasn’t exactly setting the league on fire. His 27.7% three-point accuracy that season was far below his career mark of 35.1%. That’s concerning for a player who would be responsible for floor-spacing as much as anything else.

It’s less concerning, however, when you consider that a team like the Utah Jazz would only give him a look in dire circumstances. In his heyday, Chalmers developed a reputation as a game managing point guard. He may not move the needle too far in either direction. That makes him a relatively safe, reliable option if the Utah Jazz end up desperate.

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