Utah Jazz: Donovan Mitchell laughs at teammate’s pitiful golf swing

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports)
Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports) /

Donovan Mitchell appears to enjoy the comedy from a new Utah Jazz teammate.

Looking at recent footage of Donovan Mitchell and Hassan Whiteside bonding off the court, it’s clear that the two-time All-Star guard takes great pleasure in watching the new Utah Jazz reserve center attempt to hit targets on a driving range.

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Mitchell acted as the announcer in the clip below. Meanwhile, the 7-foot, 265-pound Whiteside seemed to believe that having a driver eliminates the need for a wedge.

Whatever the explanation, Mitchell was stuck in fun-loving heckle mode:

Despite the jeering, which Hassan Whiteside pretty much asked for with that shot, it looks as if Donovan Mitchell is taking the necessary off-court steps in preparing to gel well with his new teammate when the squad’s 2021-22 campaign tips off in a couple of weeks.

More golf smack and tips from the Utah Jazz centerpiece

Sticking with the golf theme, Donovan Mitchell delivered a few challenges earlier this month on the franchise’s Roundball Roundup podcast:

“My golf game is immaculate at this point. There are not many of us at the top of the golf game…I’ve been telling people this all summer: it’s lonely at the top…Everybody else really can’t compare. And I hope Mike hears this, too, because I’m specifically talking to Mike Conley. And [Jazz owner] Ryan Smith, actually — I heard he is solid.”

Mitchell jokingly comes across as a self-proclaimed self-taught golf phenom. But one of his drives from this summer suggests the lefty golfer does boast his fair share of potential:

Anyway, Mitchell was friendly enough to give new golfers some essential tips, such as keeping one’s head down during the swing and refusing to ever play on a windy day.

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It’s safe to assume he’d also recommend against copying Hassan Whiteside’s drive/chip off the tee — or whatever you call what he did.