Utah Jazz: 4 storylines to watch for in training camp

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Utah Jazz
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As the dog days of the NBA offseason wind down, fans of the Utah Jazz can begin to look forward to another season of championship contention. There may be less questions surrounding this club than most across the Association. There are no disgruntled superstars in Utah, Quin Snyder’s rotation of quality veterans is easier to predict than many teams’, and the overall objective is abundantly clear: an NBA title.

That’s not going to stop us from speculating. There are always questions regarding any NBA team before the season begins, and the Utah Jazz are no exception. In the case of a team in Utah’s situation, those questions emerge on the margins. We know they want to win big; the question is how will they do so? Are their most significant players healthy? Will any of the younger players find an opportunity to crack the rotation? Are there any positional battles to be won?

We’ll attempt to answer all of those questions here (or at least ask them). Of course, the offseason is a time of uncertainty. What lies ahead is largely unknown. Injuries to key players, unexpected developments from prospects, and regression from veterans are all unforeseen possibilities.

Here are 4 storylines we’ll be keeping an eye on heading into training camp for the Utah Jazz.