Utah Jazz: Predicting stats for every starter in 2021-22

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Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert 2021-22 stat predictions: 14.5 points per game, 13.5 rebounds per game, 2.5 blocks per game

Rudy Gobert’s statistical profile has largely stagnated over the past few seasons, and that isn’t something any fan of the Utah Jazz should be caught complaining about.

Sure, it would be fun to watch Gobert hoist a few triples per night with acceptable efficiency, but given his immense contributions on the defensive end, it’s simply not something he has to do in order to be a tremendous difference-maker for his Jazzmen.

We’re betting on a stagnated year from the man known as the Stifle Tower because, frankly, we’re betting that Gobert has reached his at-least-7’9 ceiling. His career three-point percentage is 0% on 7 total career attempts. We don’t intend to say Gobert will never space the floor, but the smart money isn’t on him doing so.

It’s hard to find any avenues towards meaningful improvement in his offensive statistics. He’s never been a ball-handler: the vast majority of his responsibilities on offense come in the form of either screening for Utah’s plethora of three-point shooters, or finishing at the rim out of pick-and-roll sets.

All of which is perfectly fine. Gobert is highly effective in each of those roles, and again, the three Defensive Player of the Year awards on his home trophy case suggest that the bulk of his impact comes on that end of the floor. Relevantly, he hit his own personal best mark in blocks per game last season at 2.7. He could easily meet, or even exceed that figure this season, but Gobert is a wisely selective shot blocker. He’s never been one to hunt for blocks, instead preferring to obstruct layup and block attempts and collect the rebound after the shot inevitably misses.

Coach Quin Snyder and the rest of the Utah Jazz should be grateful for Gobert’s excellent defensive habits, but those hoping to bet on him increasing his season’s block total from last year may be sorely disappointed. Finally, Gobert has averaged 13.5 rebounds for two consecutive seasons. We’re betting on a third year in a row for the sake of fun, and you can’t stop us.

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Predicting stats may be a generally fruitless endeavor. There are so many unaccounted-for-variables that contribute to any player’s output. Players improve, players stagnate, and players regress. Hopefully for Utah Jazz fans, the players in their starting lineup will do substantially more of the first of those possibilities.