Utah Jazz: Buying or selling 3 more players’ rankings in ESPN top 100

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ESPN’s annual top 100 list is a perennial must-read for fans of the Utah Jazz and every other team in the National Basketball Association. Whether one typically agrees with the conglomerate’s rankings or not, they consistently inspire spirited debate in all corners of NBA discourse.

This year’s list is no exception. Sports writers across the globe are scrambling to offer timely insights on whether the players on the teams they cover are overrated, underrated, or just appropriately rated.

With a grand total of 6 members of the Utah Jazz gaining a position on this year’s list, the J-Notes is no exception.

Yesterday, we covered 3 Jazzmen ranked in the 100 to 51 portion of the rankings, buying or selling their position. We looked at each’s Player Efficiency Rating (PER) and Value Over Replacement Player (VORP), as well as their role and style of play to evaluate whether they may have deserved to be ranked over the first two players ranked ahead of them.

Since then, ESPN has released their rankings from 50 to 26, and 25 to 6 in separate articles. Unsurprisingly, three more members of the Utah Jazz earned placements on the list.

You probably don’t have to be an NBA insider to guess which three.

In this article, we’ll be buying or selling the rankings of Mike Conley Jr., Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell using the same criteria as before. Here’s hoping that the Utah Jazz faithful can read it without any deep feelings of outrage and disgust.