Utah Jazz: Reacting to every player on the roster’s NBA 2K22 rating

Utah Jazz part owner Dwyane Wade and Ronnie 2K (John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20)
Utah Jazz part owner Dwyane Wade and Ronnie 2K (John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20) /
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Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz center Hassan Whiteside (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports) /

Utah Jazz guard Jared Butler

2K rating: 70

Rookies are just harder for 2K to rate than any other type of player, as the developers don’t have the season prior to use as a frame of reference. If anything, Butler’s 70 overall rating is on the high end of any reasonable expectation for a 40th overall pick heading into their rookie season. Butler gets a decent rating for his solid, dependable, low maintenance style of play.

Utah Jazz forward Royce O’Neale

2k rating: 76 

Here,  see a major leap forward for this Utah Jazz roster, as O’Neale is the first member of the team to crack the 75 overall threshold. We actually predicted that 2K was likely to underrate O’Neale some, as his value is predicated on intangibles, intensity and effort more than the game’s more highly rated players. His 76 overall rating is well-deserved vindication for both O’Neale and fans of the Utah Jazz in general.

Utah Jazz forward Eric Paschall

2k rating: 76

One interesting note about Paschall to come from the 2K world is his listing as a power forward/center. It seems that at least NBA 2K22 has bought into the notion that Paschall’s secondary position is small-ball 5. We’ve written about Utah’s need for such a player fairly extensively. Otherewise, Paschall earns a 76 overall rating as a versatile inside-out scorer who would have earned a higher grade with a stronger defensive presence.

Utah Jazz forward Bojan Bogdanovic

2k rating: 77 

Bojan Bogdanovic is simply too significant of an offensive force for the Utah Jazz to earn a rating any lower than the 77 he’s received. In spite of a marginal slippage in three-point volume and accuracy last season (39% on 6.4 attempts per game, down from 41.4% on 7.3 in 2019-20) Bogdanovic still likely receives a well-deserved A to A+ in three-point shooting, which enhances his rating. Throw in some shot creation badges, and Bogey finishes with a solid rating in spite of some likely mediocre defensive ratings.

Utah Jazz center Hassan Whiteside

2K rating: 78 

Whiteside is the first member of the Utah Jazz that we might venture to speculate is overrated in NBA 2K22. His per 36 minute averages of 19.3 points, 14.2 rebounds and 3.0 blocks per game are right in-line with his career averages. The issue is, we’ve reached the point in Whiteside’s career where his per 36 minutes numbers require significant extrapolation. Whiteside doesn’t see the floor time that he used to because frankly, he’s not a consistently reliable on-court decision maker. He’s still an ultra-effective rebounder and shot-blocker, which likely earns him this 78 overall rating.