Utah Jazz: Reacting to every player on the roster’s NBA 2K22 rating

Utah Jazz part owner Dwyane Wade and Ronnie 2K (John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20)
Utah Jazz part owner Dwyane Wade and Ronnie 2K (John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20) /
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Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz guard Trent Forrest (Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports) /

Utah Jazz guard Trent Forrest

2K rating: 69

No major surprises on this slide, where we’ll be covering the five lowest rated members of the Utah Jazz. Trent Forrest simply hasn’t had a ton of opportunity to showcase his abilities in the NBA, which is reflected in his low 69 overall 2K22 rating. Should Forrest find any opportunity to crack Quin Snyder’s regular rotation this season, it’s possible he’ll be able to leverage his passing ability into a few more 2K playmaking badges.

Utah Jazz guard Elijah Hughes

2K rating: 69

Hughes’ player archetype designation in NBA 2K22 is “Prospect”, which is effectively a code for “unknown entity”. The Utah Jazz will be hoping that Hughes finds an opportunity to establish what his skill set really is at the professional level, but he’ll need a fair amount of luck for that to happen. It’s hard to argue with his 2K rating, as he has not been in a position to give the game’s developers any reason to rate him any higher.

Utah Jazz forward Jarrell Brantley

2k rating: 70 

Brantley is the first Utah Jazz player to venture past the 70 overall benchmark. While Brantley has also received limited run over the course of his first two seasons in the NBA, he likely receives a rating boost for his solid defense (107 Defensive Rating, 1.6 Defensive Box Plus/Minus last season) and general athleticism. Advanced metrics are always deserving of scrutiny when applied to low-usage, low-minute players like Brantley, but his 16.6 Player Efficiency Rating (PER) from the 2020-21 season does raise eyebrows.

Utah Jazz guard Miye Oni

2k rating: 70 

If you’re somewhat surprised to see Oni get the 70 overall nod over teammates like Trent Forrest and Elijah Hughes, you’re not alone. Nothing in Oni’s statistical profile suggests that he’s worthy of a higher rating than either, as he has also played in an extremely limited capacity over the past two seasons for the Utah Jazz. It’s possible that his solid career 34.6% accuracy from three-point range factors into his overall NBA 2K22 rating.

Utah Jazz center Udoka Azubuike

2K rating: 70 

Azubuike’s overall rating is likely buoyed by his advanced ability to grab rebounds and swat shots. His per 36 minutes averages of 8.2 and 2.5 in those respective categories during the 2020-21 season were both impressive marks for a rookie. At 6’10, 280 pounds with an impressive vertical for a man of such substantive size, Azubuike’s physical attributes are conducive to boosting his 2K rating as well. If he can cut down on bad fouls this season (5.7 per 36 minutes in 2020-21), his IQ attributes are likely to improve by the release of 2K23 as well.