Utah Jazz: 5 most underrated players in franchise history

Bryon Russell of the Utah Jazz (Photo by GEORGE FREY/AFP/Getty Images)
Bryon Russell of the Utah Jazz (Photo by GEORGE FREY/AFP/Getty Images) /
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Utah Jazz
Mark Eaton of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /

Although the Utah Jazz are one of 11 NBA teams to never hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy, they’ve frequently assembled competitive rosters with a real chance at accomplishing that feat. As such, they’ve hosted a multitude of talented players throughout their organizational history. Some of those players are widely known among even casual NBA fans. That’s to be expected when you’re the NBA’s second all-time leading scorer, or all-time leader in assists and steals. However, some great players have passed through Salt Lake City throughout NBA history without reaching as lofty heights as Karl Malone or John Stockton.

Such is life in a small market with no NBA championships. A lot of great players pass through the NBA. To acquire a lasting, unimpeachable legacy, you need to reach levels of greatness that are beyond reproach.

Or, you just need a J-Notes writer to dig through the annals of Basketball Reference to drudge up stats from your long-past NBA career.

Either way, here are five of the most underrated players in Utah Jazz history.