Utah Jazz: 3 pro comparisons for incoming rookie Jared Butler

Utah Jazz draft pick Jared Butler (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)
Utah Jazz draft pick Jared Butler (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Utah Jazz rookie Jared Butler floor comparison: Matthew Dellavedova

Anyone thinking we’re selling the recent Baylor export short with this floor comparison need ask themselves two questions. First: do they understand the concept of a floor comparison? Second: how closely did they watch the Cleveland Cavaliers over the 2015-16 season?

The Utah Jazz will be satisfied if Jared Butler can match that version of Dellavedova’s production. The most logical starting point is his three-point shooting, as Delly shot 41% on 3.1 attempts per game that season. For those who remember the Australian point guard’s career year well, however, the lasting impression is probably of his defensive efforts.

Dellavedova, like Jared Butler, is a player with significant physical limitations. At 6’3 and 200 pounds, he lacks the burst, strength or foot speed of the NBA’s foremost guards. During 2015-16, Dellavedova simply refused to accept that reality.

His 108 Defensive Rating over the course of that season befitted a player with relentless tenacity. If there was a ball-handler to hound, Delly was hounding them. If there was a loose ball to chase, Delly was chasing it. He wasn’t the most talented player on the floor, but he was always going to be the hardest working (and most annoying, unless Patrick Beverley was in town).

Simply put, you don’t receive LeBron James’s admiration without earning it. Outside of three-point shooting, defense and hustle, Dellavedova was a low-usage, low-mistake floor general. His offensive output largely revolved around reliably getting the rock to a playmaker, and dodging around off-ball screens in pursuit of an open shot.

If the Utah Jazz can count on Jared Butler to play the same role, he could become a mainstay in Head Coach Quin Snyder’s rotation.