60 simple reasons the Utah Jazz will win 60 games

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The 60 reasons to expect 60 or more Utah Jazz victories: Nos. 51-60

51. Five Utah Jazz players are over 30 years old, giving the 2021-22 team plenty of wisdom.

52. By the time the season tips off in October, five Jazz players will be between the ages of 25 and 30, thereby giving the 2021-22 team plenty of fellas in their primes.

53. Depending on how the bottom of the roster materializes, more than a handful of Jazz players should be under the age of 25, thereby giving the 2021-22 team plenty of motivated youth.

54. Overall, the roster includes an ideal blend of veterans, peak athletes, and up-and-comers.

55. Just for the sake of throwing in another reminder here toward the end, Utah returns three All-Stars from last season in Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert.

56. Even so, all eyes are on a few so-called “superteams” — primarily those in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. That observation should only further motivate the stacked Utah Jazz batch.

57. Moreover, with so many top stars joining forces, there is sure to be a relatively long list of cupcakes in the league, which may ease Utah’s route to 60 wins.

58. Simply put, a common goal — to put the Jazz on the map as an undeniable perennial power — is clear as day in Salt Lake City these days.

59. The recent NBA 2K22 snub, asserting that Utah isn’t even one of the 10 “Tier 1” teams, should help when it comes to bulletin-board material.

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60. Finally, don’t discount that Utah has been to the playoffs in all but eight of the past 38 seasons. That level of consistency says the franchise is long overdue for a championship-level campaign, beginning with its first 60-win regular season this century.