60 simple reasons the Utah Jazz will win 60 games

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The 2021-22 Utah Jazz squad has ‘potentially historic’ written all over it.

Had the 2020-21 regular season consisted of the typical 82 games per team, chances are the Utah Jazz would have flirted with the 60-win mark. This mark would’ve marked the first time they have reached that total since their back-to-back 60-plus efforts in 1996-97 and 1997-98.

As it was, though, the last Jazz collection finished 52-20 across its 72-game slate. Note that such a winning percentage would have equated to 59.2 wins across 82 games.

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Still, it was the seventh time in the past 21 years that the franchise has put at least 50 dubs on the board. But Utah hasn’t eclipsed a 55 count in any regular season this century.

Expect that to change this next go-round.

Yes, there is an ample number of straightforward reasons to believe the Jazz will vie for the regular-season crown once again. So let’s get started by laying out a sizeable chunk of those success indicators. The following are just 60 of the innumerable signs, appearing here in groups of 10 at a time.