Utah Jazz: 5 can’t-miss games on the 2021-22 schedule

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Tuesday, January 18 – Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz

Whether the Russell Westbrook experiment is a rousing success or a crushing failure, one thing is certain: all 82 games on the Los Angeles Lakers schedule are must-see TV for NBA fans across the globe.

Their first bout with the Utah Jazz on January 18 is no exception. The Lakers will feature the former MVP, GOAT candidate LeBron James, and some guy named Anthony Davis. It’s as terrifying for Lakers fans as it is for the rest of the Association’s faithful. It stands to answer eternal, existential basketball questions about the importance of fit compared to talent.

Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz have plenty of both, and there are numerous reasons to like their odds against these star-driven Lakers. The Jazz may not boast the same superstardom, but they’ll look to outmatch the Lakers with fit, continuity and quality three-point shooting.

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It’s a hard matchup to make predictions for. Talent has a way of winning out in the National Basketball Association, and the Lakers have as much of it as any team that isn’t located specifically in a New York borough. Still, the Jazz have plenty of their own, and a vastly superior basketball fit (on paper, at least) to boot. No matter how it goes, Utah Jazz fans will be tuning in on January 18 to find out.