Utah Jazz: 5 can’t-miss games on the 2021-22 schedule

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Monday, November 22 – Utah Jazz vs Memphis Grizzlies

To paraphrase the great Grant Napear: if you don’t like playoff rematches, you don’t like NBA basketball.

The Utah Jazz will get their first one on November 22, and the Memphis Grizzlies will undoubtedly be hungry to seek revenge on the team that eliminated them in the 2020-21 NBA playoffs. By all accounts, this matchup projects as a clashing of two styles, as the upstart Grizzlies will try to run-and-gun their way through the smart, veteran Jazz.

The marquee matchup on this bill takes place at the point guard position, where the stylistic differences between these teams are especially apparent. Ja Morant is a lot of things that Mike Conley Jr. is not. He’s young, explosive, and famous on Instagram. On the other hand, the seasoned Conley Jr. is craftier, more reliable, more experienced and a significantly better shooter.

If you could transplant Conley Jr.’s mind (and jump shot) into Morant’s body, you’d probably have a top 5 NBA player. In the absence of dangerous, experimental science, NBA fans will have to settle for their respective squad’s matchup on November 22.

Other factors in this matchup to watch include Jaren Jackson Jr.’s availability, Grizzlies’ lottery pick Ziare Williams, and any potential running races between Joe Ingles and Kyle Anderson.