Utah Jazz: 5 can’t-miss games on the 2021-22 schedule

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The NBA released its schedule this Friday. Which Utah Jazz games will be must-see TV? 

Utah Jazz fans can rejoice: the NBA’s 2021-22 schedule has been released, and Salt Lake City’s finest are sitting pretty. While the Jazz have arguably the easiest schedule in the league, they’ll still have to play all 29 of their opponents. Here are 5 games from the upcoming NBA season that Utah Jazz fans can’t afford to miss.

Wednesday, October 20 – Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder

As the NBA’s most flagrantly tanking franchise, the Thunder don’t project as typical must-see TV until sometime around 2028. However, every rule has an exception, and Utah Jazz diehards wouldn’t miss opening night if the Jazzmen were playing the Washington Generals.

The Oklahoma City Thunder may not be far off, but this should be an entertaining game nonetheless. Any conversation revolving around the Thunder and pure fun starts with Aleksej Pokusevski. The man affectionally known as Poku may be the undisputed king of NBA Twitter, but he’s not (strictly) a joke either. At 7’0 and 190 pounds, Poku is a rare point-center who blends length with ball-handling, playmaking and shot-creation.

He’s raw, he’s a project, and he may be more than 2-years away from being 2-years away. Luckily, for fans of the Utah Jazz that’s entirely irrelevant. He’ll be plenty of fun to watch on opening night.

Otherwise, October 20 sees countrymen square off as grizzled Jazz veteran Joe Ingles faces the Thunder’s recent Australian lottery pick Josh Giddey. The younger man from down under actually projects as a similar player to Ingles, as he’ll aim to compensate for his relative lack of athleticism with exceptional court vision.

Throw in a healthy dose of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and opening night is a can’t-miss endeavor for Utah Jazz fans.