Utah Jazz: 3 crazy lineups that could stun the world

Utah Jazz (Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports)
Utah Jazz (Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Crazy Utah Jazz lineup: Snipers

  • PG: Mike Conley
  • SG: Donovan Mitchell
  • SF: Jordan Clarkson
  • PF: Bojan Bogdanovic
  • C: Rudy Gay

Chances are the NBA isn’t yet ready to end its recent 3-point fest, which the Utah Jazz partook in the last go-round to the tune of a league-leading 16.7 makes from downtown per game.

Fortunately for Quin Snyder, he has plenty of notable sharpshooters to pick from when employing a highly lethal long-range attack (see: Joe Ingles, Royce O’Neale, etc.). Yes, the above names represent just one of many potential Jazz lineups that would contain five verifiable deep-splash producers.

Notice that each of these five players wound up averaging at least 1.5 makes from deep in 2020-21; in fact, four tallied more than 2.5 per game. Also, except for high-volume shooter Jordan Clarkson, they each shot better than 38.0 percent beyond the arc while doing so.

Just listen to all that swishing in the distance.

No doubt, like the other possible pure assortments of snipers in Utah, this crew may present some problems in the height department. However, remember that the 6-foot-8, 250-pound Rudy “Big Truck” Gay has been no stranger to holding down the five-spot across his 15 years as a pro. And then Clarkson is the only other man who’d be a tad undersized for his position here.