Utah Jazz: 3 standout performers from the Salt Lake City Summer League

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Utah Jazz guard Trent Forrest

Trent Forrest managed to find a little bit of time on the floor for the Utah Jazz last season, averaging 10.5 points, 5.4 assists and 5.2 rebounds per 36 minutes. That’s a nice, well-rounded stat line, but in actuality, the 23-year-old point guard managed a modest 10.1 minutes per game over a 30 game sample.

Luckily, Forrest had much more opportunity to showcase his wares in the Salt Lake City Summer League. He wrapped up Friday night’s defeat of the Utah Jazz Blue with 14 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. Those numbers were in line with his three-game average of 14.3 points, 9 assists and 4.3 rebounds. Forrest was able to consistently put up such well-rounded numbers throughout his Summer League play with exceptional court vision, finding teammates with sharp passes and collecting rebounds with fundamentally sound positioning.

Like many players in the three-point era, Forrest’s swing skill will be his three-point shooting. At the NBA level, he managed an (avert your eye if you’re squeamish) 19.2% accuracy rate on 0.9 attempts per game during his 2020-21 rookie campaign. Still, with great playmaking instincts, and good positional size at 6’4 with long arms that pair nicely with strong defensive skills, Forrest has the potential to be a solid rotational guard at the NBA level regardless of the development of his jump shot.

If it does develop, on the other hand, Forrest’s ceiling can raise considerably higher.