Utah Jazz: 3 Jordan Clarkson gifts scream ‘Sixth Man of the Year’

Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson (Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports)
Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson (Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Why the Utah Jazz guard deserves Sixth Man of the Year: Bounce

Momentum matters. In terms of game-changing boosts, whether by way of lethal scoring or energetic displays or both, there’s no one better off the bench across the NBA these days than Jordan Clarkson.

And with Donovan Mitchell out of action, it seems Clarkson has ramped up his exclamation-point moments.

For instance, the Utah Jazz social media team affirmed in a tweet what the 6-foot-4, 195-pound athletic playmaker proved via one vicious slam during the final seconds of the first quarter on Saturday night in the Jazz’s eventual 106-102 home win over the Toronto Raptors: “JC is a baaaaaad man.”

No arguing that.

In other words, just judging from the brief evidence below, bad-man Clarkson is clearly underrated both as a razzle-dazzle leader and tone-fixing leaper:


He plays on skates, sometimes practicing his on-floor cursive, and now appears ready to show off his pogo sticks more often as well. Simply put, Clarkson is putting it all together in what looks to be the best season of the 28-year-old’s career, period.

On that note, let’s examine the third Clarkson gift that points to SMOTY hardware…