Utah Jazz: The 50 greatest players in franchise history

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As Utah Jazz treasures pile up, it’s always time to stack up 50 all-timers.

First, note that this ranking of history’s 50 best Utah Jazz weapons is subject to change here at The J-Notes in the future. In fact, the plan is for the list to receive necessary tweaks after each season for all of eternity.

Now, before counting down from No. 50 until we reach the supreme Jazzman, let’s briefly outline the criteria for each name’s inclusion and order of appearance:

  • To begin with, any personal feats that occurred elsewhere will not factor into the equation. Not one iota. No, this is all about what guys did while with the Jazz, including the early years when the team called New Orleans home.
  • And all the listed stats reflect only regular-season boxscores. Yet make no mistake, for playoff performances matter. Keeping that in mind, we shall be sure to weigh the individuals’ postseason brilliance, or lack thereof, as well as the franchise’s most notable accomplishments during their respective tenures.
  • Concerning time, a fella’s total number of years in Salt Lake City — or, of course, back in the Bayou era from 1974-75 through the 1978-79 campaign — most certainly warrants significant consideration here. On the other hand, in fairness to any active Utah gems, they won’t get hit with a drastic penalty in this department.
  • Finally, the players’ likability, toughness, perseverance, and various other incalculable intangibles will essentially serve as tiebreakers along the way.

OK, without further ado, away we go…

All-time greatest Utah Jazz players: No. 50 Terry Furlow

  • Seasons with the franchise: One (1979-80)
  • Regular-season games played: 55
  • Averages as a Jazzman: 16.0 points, 2.8 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 1.0 steals, 0.3 blocks
  • Shooting percentages: 47.6 from the field, 31.5 from three, 87.6 from the foul line
  • Playoff games with Utah: None

Perhaps Terry Furlow should rank a smidge higher than No. 50. Or some might say the 6-foot-4 shooting guard’s total production in only a chunk of one season — for a 24-58 Utah Jazz bunch, mind you — isn’t enough to warrant his name on this list (he is the only player here who spent fewer than two seasons with the Jazz).

But given the unique circumstances of his stint in Utah, it does seem fitting to go ahead and recognize him here at the get-go. Because on May 23, 1980, at age 25 and less than two months removed from his lone campaign with the Jazz, Furlow died in a car accident.

Tragically, basketball fans will never know what could’ve been…