Utah Jazz: 3 MVP traits of Donovan Mitchell since All-Star break

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports)
Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Recent MVP traits of Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell: Timely buckets

Darting from the 3-point line to the rack, there’s arguably nobody in the NBA quicker and more explosive than Donovan Mitchell. With that bucket-getting tool always at his disposal, defenders have no choice but to respect his driving ability, thereby always giving the frequent Utah Jazz savior the opportunity to turn a strong jab step into a stepback 3-pointer or midrange jumper.

Furthermore, in terms of transition buckets, often stemming from Mitchell’s revved-up motor on the defensive end as of late, well, there’s clearly just no stopping “Downhill Don” either:


The tactic is clear — except, of course, when he manages to execute several razzle-dazzle dribble moves within the span of a few seconds, resulting in a silky splash from somewhere — yet opponents have proven unable to consistently stop it. That much was clear in the final seconds of regulation against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night:

Regardless of the loss that ensued, Mitchell’s above swish to force overtime was just one more indicator of MVP-temperature blood running through his veins during the kind of moments when most human beings have a tendency to freeze.

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It’s not been a perfect stretch by the Jazz or even the best in the league during this span since the All-Star break. That said, largely thanks to Donovan Mitchell, Utah is 12-4 in that time with no blowout losses on its record and seven of its wins being by 15 points or more. MVP-esque.