Utah Jazz: 4 stats that explain their utter greatness this season

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Stats that sum up Utah Jazz eminence: Rebounding

This one is fairly straightforward. Plain and simple, Rudy Gobert anchors the glass for the Utah Jazz with 13.1 rebounds per game, totaling the most boards of any NBA player through the first half of this season with 472, which includes 120 on the offensive end (ranks No. 4 in the league).

But Gobert also has plenty of able-bodied help on his side in this regard. As a unit, these Jazzmen entered their All-Star break at No. 2 in the league with 48.0 boards per game while allowing foes 42.5 per game, which equates to the seventh-best mark in the league.

Both their offensive and defensive rebounding percentages sit inside the top 10 at, respectively, No. 5 (25.2 percent) and No. 8 (78.9 percent).

All in all, there are two overriding explanations for this particular Jazz power: 1) the long reach, sure hands, and pure rebounding instincts of Gobert in addition to 2) 12 Utah players each averaging at least 5.0 rebounds per 36 minutes and 15 averaging more than 4.0 per 36 minutes (even the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Mike Conley is a relatively keen snagger of long rebounds).