Utah Jazz: 5 Repercussions from cancelling the NBA season

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If the Utah Jazz and NBA never end up finishing their season, here are five things that will come back to hurt the Jazz both now and in the future.

Recently here at The J-Notes we have been discussing the possibility of basketball returning potentially this summer, and what that would look like for the Utah Jazz.

But along with this optimism we must also share the point of view of the more pessimistic side of things.

There is no certainty on if or when the NBA will finish out the 2019-20 season and crown a champion, neither is there any certainty on what that would look like as far as playoff formatting. Ditto for the 18 regular season games that remain labelled as “postponed” for the Jazz.

We’ve heard plenty of opinion, whether you’re optimistic like Mike Conley or doubtful such as Joe Ingles on the season getting cancelled. But the fact is nobody knows for sure, not even NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

The Utah Jazz Executive Vice President Dennis Lindsey gave his two cents on the matter last week in a radio interview on The Big Show (1280 The Zone). The headline of the interview is a pretty good summary of his thoughts, which reads:

“Dennis Lindsey believes ‘we’ll see college and professional sports’ but dates remain TBD”.

In other words he wants to sees sports return but he’s still waiting on more test results for the novel coronavirus to come back, and for league executives and the NBPA to make their decision.

Should they decide to just bag the 2019-20 season and get ready for the next year with all necessary precautions, the Jazz would be negatively impacted in several ways.

One of course which is all of the TV revenue which would have come in from the remaining 18 regular season games and however many playoff games they would have lasted.

Others will take a negative effect on the basketball side of things which include:

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