Utah Jazz 2020 Draft: 10 early entries to look at in first round

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While the NBA season remains paused, the pre-draft process has begun. Here are 10 early draft entrants the Utah Jazz should keep an eye on.

There’s so much uncertainty going on right now. While the remainder of the season/playoffs is in doubt for the Utah Jazz, the 2020 NBA Draft will happen at some point. Now is a good time to get yourself educated with all of the prospects in this years class.

College and international players have already begun announcing their intentions to test the draft waters. Some intend on staying in the draft, while some are simply looking for some feedback from NBA teams.

The Utah Jazz traded their first round pick from a year ago, but they’ll be picking in the first round this year. It will be a late first rounder, and with the protections on it, it’s unlikely to be traded.

This draft class is projected by many to be much weaker compared to previous and future years. I’m inclined to agree with that. Still, there’s a chance the Jazz can get an impact player late in the first round.

It will be good to add some more youth to develop while the main goal is to win a championship. Being in a small market, the draft is so important to a team like Utah. They must draft and develop talent internally because they typically won’t be players in free agency.

Utah’s front office, led by Dennis Lindsey and Justin Zanik, is one of the best in the league, so fans should have confidence in whoever they decide to bring in. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate, though.

I came up with 10 early entrants that could be an option for the Utah Jazz in the first round. Some names you might have heard on our site before, while some names may be newer to you. Keep your eyes peeled for an undrafted version of this coming out in the near future (since the Jazz’s second round pick goes to GSW).

Let’s get things underway and take a look at our first prospect, a super-improved forward from Villanova:

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