Utah Jazz: Jordan Clarkson dishes on new ink, wine on Drive & Dish

Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson provided a few updates, showed of his new tattoo and talked wine on Georges Niang’s Drive & Dish.

It’s been 20 days without any NBA or Utah Jazz basketball. 20 days. It’s felt like an eternity, right? During these tough times, fans have been desperate to see their players back on the court. Who knows when that will happen, but for now, we have a few alternate options for entertainment.

One near 20 minute video that should grab Utah Jazz fans attention was uploaded this morning on the official Utah Jazz YouTube channel. It was the debut of Georges Niang‘s Drive & Dish, where he sat and talked with his teammate, Jordan Clarkson.

If you know Georges Niang at all, you know that he is A+ entertainment. His humor and professionalism behind the camera will give him a career when his basketball one is over. Be sure to check out his first Drive & Dish episode!

In the episode, Clarkson gives an update on how his quarantine is going, his favorite wine, his new tattoo and more. I’ll give you the quick rundown, but be sure to give it a listen yourself. It’s well worth it.

For starters, Clarkson is currently at home in Los Angeles (0:40). He still gets daily workouts in, but like a lot of us, sits down and plays video games. Other than that, Clarkson, the super chill dude he is, is just vibing, waiting for this whole thing to play out.

After joining the Cavaliers during the 2017-18 season, Clarkson became a big fan of wine (8:00). He credits former teammates Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson for influencing his new consumption.

I’m not a wine drinker, or drinker in general, but Clarkson listed Opus, Continuum, Classic and Caymus as his favorites. Georges Niang went with Pinot Noir.

Perhaps my favorite part of this gem was Jordan Clarkson showing us all his brand new tattoo (11:22) — a portrait of Willie Nelson on his thigh. I’m a huge fan of tattoos, so it’s something that caught my attention in an instant.

Yes, the 86 year old country singer, Willie Nelson. The man who sang the ever popular You Were Always On My Mind now owns a piece of land on Jordan Clarkson’s body mural.

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This was a great video and start to what will hopefully be many Drive & Dish’s with Georges Niang in the future. We miss our Utah Jazz players, but it’s good to see them keeping tabs with each other and providing us with some fun.