Utah Jazz bring the pettiness out of Russell Westbrook again

Following a thrilling Utah Jazz victory over the Houston Rockets on Sunday night, Russell Westbrook had some comments regarding Rudy Gobert, who primarily defended him throughout the game.

Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook has been playing the best basketball of the season of late. He kept that momentum going, as he scored 39 points on 18-33 shooting from the field in Sunday’s loss to the Utah Jazz.

Rudy Gobert, the two-time Defensive Player of the Year, was primarily responsible for guarding Westbrook. Russell started slow, missing his first four shots. However, he decided to stop settling for jumpers and attack the basket.

That mentality ended up helping Westbrook, as he was a monster around the rim. It also led to a highlight-reel slam over the top of Gobert.


After the game, Westbrook had some words regarding Gobert:

“I put it right through his chest and put that (expletive) in the basket. He ain’t no different. He just happens to be a little taller.”

According to David Locke, Westbrook has been the player that is least fazed when attacking Gobert at the rim. Over the last two years, per Locke, Westbrook has shot 66-percent in the restricted area with Gobert on the floor.

Now, Westbrook said this about Gobert with a chuckle and smile. Although, he chuckled and smiled when he tried to foolishly throw Patrick Beverley under the bus for being a poor defensive player.

This isn’t the first time the Jazz have made Westbrook petty. Remember Ricky Rubio‘s Game 3 performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the 2018 NBA Playoffs? Rubio finished with a triple-double of 26 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

After the game, Westbrook said he was going to shut Rubio down next game. Evidently, Westbrook was too focused on trying to shut down Rubio rather than win the game and tie the series up. It ended up costing his team and putting them in a 3-1 hole.

Another instance is when Westbrook told a Jazz fan he would beat up him and his wife. That ended up justified, as the fan used derogatory words towards Westbrook. Still, Westbrook was fined $25,000 for what he said.

It’s safe to say Westbrook isn’t very fond of the Jazz and their fans. It’ll be interesting to see if the Jazz and Rockets face off in the playoffs again this year, this time with Westbrook wearing red.