Utah Jazz: Donovan Mitchell lands on the cover of Eastbay

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell is back in the spotlight once again as the cover athlete for the latest edition of the Eastbay magazine.

We’re seriously getting close to the point where you could compile a book containing all the news Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell has made, the awards he’s earned and the headlines he’s grabbed this summer. But if you thought that would slow down once the offseason concluded and training camp got underway, you were mistaken.

What I mean to say is, Donovan Mitchell has done it again.

It was announced this week that Donovan Mitchell will be the cover athlete for the latest edition of Eastbay magazine. Give it a look below–

Endorsements don’t always do it for me, but this time, let me just say I can tell you where I’ll be ordering my gear from now on.

As always, Mitchell is looking sharp on the cover of the well-known athletic gear supplier magazine, and this is a sweet continued step in his rise to fame and stardom. The slogan in the background that reads ‘Beat the Best’ is likely in reference to Eastbay offering top-notch gear, but it’s also pretty fitting for Donovan as well. As he looks to take major strides in 2018-19, you can expect that he has his sights set on becoming one of the elite stars in the NBA.

And apparently this isn’t the last we’ll see of Donovan Mitchell and Eastbay, as he made clear (after a few tries) in the video below–

I know I’m excited to see what’s next for the Jazz star. We’ve already been told there won’t be a signature shoe this season, but I imagine it won’t be too far down the road that Mitchell gets his own line of Adidas kicks, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Eastbay play a nice role in the upcoming sneakers’ popularity.

And while he may not have a signature line just yet, he sure knows how to rock some sweet custom kicks. Just check out the ones he sported in Monday’s media day that, per the Deseret News’ Eric Woodyard, had ‘Spida’ etched on the back heels–

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In terms of endorsements, recognition and awards, Mitchell has already reached a higher level of stardom than nearly any other Jazzman in franchise history. With the 2018-19 regular season set to get underway in a matter of weeks, let’s hope he can match that with his electrifying play on the court.

For what it’s worth, I’m fully confident that he can.

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