Three reasons the Utah Jazz perfectly exemplify what’s right with the NBA

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Despite the NBA’s rapid growth in popularity, the league is not without its faults. The Utah Jazz, however, seem to be a perfect example of what the NBA (or professional sports in general) should be all about.

The NBA, including its unpredictable off-season, has become must-see reality TV for all levels of basketball fans. The boost in intrigue, however, does not come without its detractors.

The most recent jab at the current trend in the league came from Portland Trail Blazers guard, CJ McCollum, who called super teams “disgusting”, adding that he would never join one.

While I can’t deny the intrigue and drama that the NBA provides to its audience, McCollum certainly has a point. And when it comes to the Utah Jazz, they’re not just talking the talk, but they are walking the walk.

In a league seemingly begging for stars to join forces in order to succeed, the Utah Jazz are looking to buck the trend and show fans across all sports what true teamwork, internal development and a strong front office can do.

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