ICYMI: Gordon Hayward caught watching Utah Jazz highlights

A recent social media post revealed former Jazzman Gordon Hayward checking out some Utah Jazz highlights in his spare time.

Sometimes after a breakup, you may find yourself missing your former lover. Even if you were the one that called it off, surely there were some good times spent together prior to the fallout that could leave one reminiscing, right?

Well, perhaps such feelings can be equated to how former Utah Jazz All-Star and current Boston Celtic Gordon Hayward is feeling right now. Why is that, you ask? Well, in a recent Instagram post from Hayward’s wife, it was revealed that while he was enjoying some good old Fortnite on one computer screen, he just so happened to also have some Utah Jazz highlights pulled up on the other.

See it for yourself in the tweet below from J-Notes alum Taylor Griffin

Maybe Gordon Hayward just needed to take a brief trip down memory lane, so he decided to revisit some old footage. Or maybe he wanted to check out the newest face of the franchise, Donovan Mitchell, to ensure that 2017-18 wasn’t actually a dream and that the Jazz really had added a new star, one he could have played alongside, no less. Sorry, Gordon, it wasn’t a dream. And, yes, you missed your chance.

Of course, many speculators have pointed out that it’s entirely possible that Hayward was simply watching some of his own highlights from his glory days with the Jazz. After all, since he went down with an injury in the opening minutes of his first game as a Celtic, the only NBA highlights he has are with Utah.

Then again, others have suggested that Hayward never played in the renovated arena with blue seats. And as hard as you look at that grainy, zoomed-in image, I’m not seeing a spec of green from the old chairs anywhere…

Could it be that he’s really been checking up on the old girlfriend? Making sure things are OK? And realizing how much more attractive she’s gotten since the breakup?

I don’t have the answer to those questions. But if anyone is able to figure out what game he had up on his screen, I will give some major props. And it could help us solve this disturbing mystery of Gordon and the Jazz highlights.

Is this being overblown? Yes. Am I fanning the flames? Most definitely. But, come on, based on some of the other social media snafus Gordon’s been involved in lately, you’ve got to admit, this is pretty funny.

At the end of the day, I wish Hayward a full recovery and a successful 2018-19 season. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll always hope he occasionally looks back at his former team like one may look at a former lover – with a tinge of regret and wonderment at what might have been.