Utah Jazz: Dante Exum sighting a sign of good news after injury

There has been little to no official update on Utah Jazz guard Dante Exum since suffering a severe shoulder injury, but there may some reason for optimism.

Ever since Utah Jazz guard Dante Exum was injured against the Phoenix Suns in the pre-season, I’ve turned on Twitter alerts and have been scouring for news at any free moment. This week, we may have received some good news. Or at least, some evidence that we can speculate about and pretend is good news. 

If you’ve already heard, the latest updates (or non-updates) about Dante Exum being sighted at practice after an injury with no sling may seem like deja vu.  It’s probably because we covered this same topic two years ago after Dante Exum’s knee injury while playing for the Australian national team.

At the time, he was also sighted at shootaround with no brace. Sound familiar?

This time, we’ve been mostly left in the dark with no updates on Dante’s status and no word on when we will find out the future of the season, but we did get a small glimpse of potentially good news this weekend.

First, the unofficial official source of all NBA related news, Adrian Wojnarwoski and his famous Woj-Bombs, tweeted that part of the reason for no news is that Dante, his team, and the medical staff are doing due diligence to determine the best option for Dante that would avoid surgery, if at all possible.

This can only mean a small dose of good news to counterbalance the difficulty that the team and Dante have likely been going through.

Tony Jones, of the Salt Lake Tribune also tweeted video of Dante talking with Quin Snyder at practice. Oh, and he wasn’t wearing a shoulder sling or brace.

Personally, I would think that if surgery were necessary, they would have done it immediately to expedite the whole process, so again, this may be a good sign. Or we could just be reading into things. But it could be a good sign. Sigh. This has been my inner dialogue since Dante’s injury more than a week ago. 

I don’t think this means we’ll be seeing him ready to play any time soon, but it very well could be sooner than next season. At best, it will probably be at least six to eight weeks, if not three or four months.

I don’t want to suggest that there’s any silver lining to this whole ordeal because we first and foremost want the best for Dante and wish him a speedy recovery. To suffer a second major injury setback in his young career is truly devastating.

But since I’m one who will always look for a positive in any situation; at the very least this makes some of the minutes distribution planning a little bit easier for Snyder and guarantees a little more playing time for Donovan Mitchell. I’m truly excited for the potential of this team once we get Dante Exum back in the rotation.