Utah Jazz Media Day: Ingles didn’t get a call from Hayward

Joe Ingles counts himself among those in the Utah Jazz organization who didn’t receive a call from Gordon Hayward following his move to Boston.

He may not have gone scorched earth on the team a la Enes Kanter, but when Gordon Hayward announced his decision to leave the Utah Jazz, he cemented his place as public enemy No. 1 among fans in Salt Lake City.

More than anything, it was the way it all went down that has drawn fans’ ire. And Hayward has done little in the ensuing months to ease the tension.

One of the major sticking points among Jazz Nation was Hayward’s admission that he hadn’t called team owner Gail Miller in the wake of his (in)decision. Apparently, she’s not the only one that wasn’t extended that courtesy.

At Jazz Media Day, Joe Ingles indicated that he never heard anything either, a fact he was quick to point out while speaking on the Miller Group-owned 1280 AM The Zone in Utah. “I didn’t get a phone call,” he said. “Like a lot of people.”

It was a surprising revelation, given the fact that Ingles was, by all accounts, Hayward’s closest friend on the team. The two also share an agent.

Despite the subtle jab at his former teammate, Ingles mostly took the high road re: Haywardgate. For his part, he’s looking forward and focusing on his current teammates while wishing Hayward all the best in Beantown.

Coincidentally, phone communication with Hayward was also a hot topic over at Boston Celtics Media Day.

In a move that hearkens back to Jimmy Butler offering up his digits during his introductory press conference in Minnesota, the Celtics gave fans the opportunity to welcome Hayward to Boston via call or text by sharing his phone number via Twitter —

For the record, 385 is, in fact, a Utah area code. The phone in question is probably a burner, but that hasn’t stopped Jazz fans from getting in on the action. More specifically, several have used it to urge Hayward to make that call to Miller.

Good on ya, Jazz fans.

Some of the other messages to Hayward have been, well, colorful is the word that comes to mind. Do yourself a favor and check out the replies to the tweet above.

They are incredible.

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