Utah Jazz: Ricky Rubio and Joe Ingles engage in Twitter “feud”

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 01: Joe Ingles of the Utah Jazz poses during an NBL Media Opportunity at Cruise Bar on August 1, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 01: Joe Ingles of the Utah Jazz poses during an NBL Media Opportunity at Cruise Bar on August 1, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images) /

New Utah Jazz teammates Ricky Rubio and Joe Ingles engaged in some playful banter on Twitter which was both hilarious and could indicate solid chemistry for the upcoming season.

I’ve been saying it for a couple of weeks now and it’s becoming more and more clear all the time – Ricky Rubio is primed to burst onto the scene as one of the most interesting Utah Jazz Twitter follows next season. From hilarious comments to some thought-provoking insight, Rubio’s social media game has been on point and it only got better today.

It all started with Joe Ingles – a reigning Utah Jazz Twitter favorite – tweeting out a bit of news that actually should be quite interesting for Jazz fans. He apparently got his first tour of the Jazz’s new practice facility and needless to say, he was impressed. Check out what he had to say below:

This is a cool development coming from Joe Ingles. The renovation to Vivint Arena and the creation of the new practice facility have been among the more exciting pieces of Jazz news this summer and it’s good to get an update from one of the fan favorite players as well. Little things like an elite practice facility go a long ways for players and could very well help slowly but surely reverse Utah’s trend of having a hard time attracting free agents.

But that’s all besides the point in this instance. Even more entertaining than Joe Ingles’ assessment of the new practice facility was the “feud” that broke out between Ingles and his new teammate Ricky Rubio who, once again, is quickly asserting himself as one of the best follows on the team.

In response to Ingles’ serious and noteworthy statement, Rubio swooped in like a savage and dropped an insulting bomb on his Aussie teammate by saying the following:


Talk about a burn! Rubio’s playful banter was clearly demonstrated by the winky face, in case any of you were worried about potential chemistry issues in the Jazz locker room. In fact, seeing the two go at one another so comfortably is probably a sign that this new Jazz team could very well mesh even better than before.

And “go at one another” is exactly what came of Rubio’s initial stab. Next, Joe Ingles chimed in with an insult of his own:


Ingles took a shot at Rubio’s interesting new haircut that he’s rocked for part of this offseason that has included a shaggier head of hair and what Joe Ingles referred to as a pony tail, but most would likely call a man bun. Some have said it makes him look like a ninja, while others have thought he looks kind of goofy.

Apparently Ingles falls into that second camp as his girl emoji in the tweet would indicate that he finds Rubio’s new look somewhat on the feminine side (even though his new bushy beard would indicate otherwise). At the end of the day, Rubio is shooting 48 percent from deep in EuroBasket play with his new do, so if his “pony tail”, as Joe Ingles put it, is going to help that continue to be the norm, then by all means I’m good with him keeping the look!

After taking the hit from Ingles, though, Rubio wasn’t about to leave it at that and made sure to get in the last word, taking a shot at the 29-year-old Ingles, who certainly has a less youthful look than Rubio, by saying the following:


The joke itself was funny, but the #BaldJoeIsComing and grandpa emoji were the icing on the cake. It’s not hard to imagine Slo-Mo Joe’s already receding hairline inch back a little further in the coming year, turning Rubio’s joke into a fulfilled prophecy.

Whatever ends up being the case, this playful banter between the two teammates is spot on and just goes to show how well they already know each other. As I alluded to earlier, that could be a great sign that this team is going to have exceptional chemistry and be a joy to watch. Perhaps their exceptional dynamic with one another will result in their whole become much more effective than the sum of their parts and help the Jazz reach unexpected heights next season.

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And if not, at the very least it will result in some entertaining Twitter interactions that should help make the year fun. Given the choice between success on the court and entertainment on social media, I’d definitely take the former. But there are certainly worse alternatives.

All jokes aside, though, I’m ecstatic to see Ricky Rubio and Joe Ingles team up for the Utah Jazz next season. They’re extremely likable players with unique skill sets that should fit seamlessly on the Jazz squad, providing entertainment both on and off the court, and it’s bound to be an absolute blast to witness.