Utah Jazz: Which current player does Donovan Mitchell most compare to?

Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Donovan Mitchell has Utah Jazz fans excited before he has even played a second of NBA basketball. When searching for player comparisons, you can see the reason for the excitement.

It’s no secret that Utah Jazz fans are filled to the brim with excitement for rookie Donovan Mitchell. It’s nice to know that the feeling is mutual between Jazz fans and the other 2017 NBA rookies.

Every year, the NBA has the incoming class of rookies gather together in MSG for a photo shoot. During that time, they survey all the rookies in attendance over a few key questions — Who will have the best career? Who will win Rookie of the Year? Who was the biggest steal of the draft? Who is the most athletic? Who is the best shooter?

Generally, these players know each other better than anyone else. As they have been some of the top-rated prospects in high school and college, and have experience playing against each other at those levels. It is always interesting to get a feel for how they rank one another.

Jazz rookie, Donovan Mitchell, made a consistent showing in almost all of the rankings, and even took home top honors for the following question — Which rookie was the biggest steal at where he was selected in the Draft.

Mitchell was one of the highest risers throughout the draft process. In post-NCAA Tournament Mock Drafts, most had him going in the late stages of the first round, while others had him slipping out of the first round entirely. So for him to rise to the No. 13 pick overall, and to still be considered a steal, tells you just how much he showed out in Summer League play.

Still, he remains somewhat of an unknown commodity going forward. As a rookie, he hasn’t played a second of NBA basketball. So, everything until opening night on October 17 is speculation.

So when trying to evaluate what Mitchell will be in the NBA, it’s fun to look at who he reminds us of historically. Do we compare him against other point guards, or do we compare him to shooting guards? Historically, are there any combo guards who he relates to?

I want to look at three active players that Donovan Mitchell compares to, and who should give us the best idea of what type of steal the Jazz may have found in the draft.

Be sure to comment on who you think he compares to among past or present players!