Joe Ingles reminds Utah Jazz fans to keep proper perspective about team

Despite the fact that it was tough for the Utah Jazz to lose Gordon Hayward, Joe Ingles recently reminded fans on Twitter that there’s still plenty to look forward to.

It seems like Utah Jazz guard/forward Joe Ingles has been extra active on Twitter lately. And as one would expect, that’s certainly made for some entertaining tidbits from the hilarious Aussie. However, in a recent tweet, Joe Ingles set all jokes to one side and delivered a brief but perfectly stated bit of advice in regards to how fans ought to view the team next season.

It all began with a simple tweet from Ingles mentioning the balmy weather in Melbourne, Australia, to which one fan replied by making a comparison to the cold shoulder former Jazzman Gordon Hayward gave the team. You can see the exchange below:

Even though Hayward’s decision to depart the Jazz took place nearly a month ago, I imagine several fans are still in the same boat as the Twitter user above – feeling betrayed and somewhat bitter. And while one could argue that there’s some justification to those feelings, I much prefer the outlook that Ingles offered in response, which you can once again find below:

In my mind, Ingles hit the nail on the head. Although Hayward’s departure stings, what’s done is done and his absence is no reason to give up on what should still be a formidable Jazz squad next year. As Ingles pointed out, the team has an “exciting roster” that feature lots of new faces that will be intriguing to see come together. The next chapter in the team’s story should still be a fun one, even if it comes with a few adjustments along the way.

Dennis Lindsey managed to trade for point guard Ricky Rubio who could very well thrive in Utah while also adding a trio of savvy NBA veterans in Thabo Sefolosha, Jonas Jerebko and Ekpe Udoh. Additionally, as I mentioned yesterday, the Jazz are bringing back a resilient and talented group of players that should be even more motivated to excel next season.

So rather than dwell on the past and dream of “what could have been”, Jazz fans should instead be excited about what lies ahead. Hayward may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that even more exciting moments won’t be on the horizon.

And given the financial wizardry that Dennis Lindsey has orchestrated that will give the Jazz great flexibility in offseasons to come, we could very well see this team make major moves in the not so distant future that could help make them even better in the long run than they were in 2016-17.

Whether that precisely ends up being the case or not, Joe Ingles’ tweet still speaks the truth. There’s plenty to look forward to in Jazz land beginning with next season with the exciting roster that will be unleashed.

As he so succinctly put, it truly is time to move on and look forward to good (albeit different than expected) times ahead.