Counting down the Top 5 (ish) power forwards in Utah Jazz history

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Over the years, the Utah Jazz roster has boasted some high-level power forwards. Today, I’m ranking the best of the bunch.

Utah Jazz Karl Malone best power forwards

1997-1998: Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. (Photo by Icon Sportswire)

Historically speaking, one could make the argument that the best players ever to suit up for the Utah Jazz are primarily frontcourt players. Some incredible competitors have manned the post for the team throughout the years; namely some guy called Karl Malone.

Along with the point guard position, the power forward spot has been a cornerstone of the franchise more or less since its inception. Moreover, the pick-and-roll, executed to perfection by some serious PG-PF combinations, was the team’s go-to play for more than two decades.

Today, I’m focusing on the big men who set the screens and finished in the paint with authority. Power players who could score, rebound and defend with the best of them.

From the franchise’s humble beginnings as the New Orleans Jazz to the current iteration with Derrick Favors at the four spot, the team’s pivot players include Hall of Famers, multi-time All-Stars and some of the league’s best two-way players.

Following our look at the best centers in Jazz history, here are the top five (or so) power forwards to ever play for the team. Although there’s no question about which player will top these rankings, we’re tipping things off with some controversy in the fifth spot.

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