Three-Point Threat Episode 8: Favorite Jazz Returner, Worst/Best Scenarios, Warriors Unstoppable?

J-Notes contributor Jared Barker joins the show to dive into some big questions surrounding the Utah Jazz during the upcoming 2017-18 season!

The Three-Point Threat Podcast is back with an exciting look ahead to the 2017-18 Utah Jazz season! My fellow J-Notes cohort Jared Barker joins the show to discuss some pressing questions regarding what lies ahead for the Utah Jazz.

For Point 1, we discuss the returning Jazz player that we’re most excited to see next year and who the Jazz most need to have a big year. We’ve talked a lot previously on the show about Utah’s free agent signings and other new additions, but it’s important to remember that they have a lot of talent returning as well.

For Point 2, we explore the best and worst case scenarios facing the Jazz next year, then for Point 3, we dive into a question that is surely on the mind of nearly all NBA fans – Can anybody challenge the Golden State Warriors?

The podcast itself is accessible below and the timing breakdown of the episode is below that:


Point 1 Favorite returning Utah Jazz player – 2:36

  • Favorite returner – 3:04
  • Who do the Jazz need to step up the most? – 7:07

Point 2 Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios for the Utah Jazz – 11:39

  • Best Case Scenario – 12:00
  • Worst Case Scenario – 14:32

Point 3 Can anybody stop the Golden State Warriors? – 17:43

  • Who’s the biggest threat? -18:08
  • Can any changes be made to put a team past the Warriors? -22:03
  • Are there any situations where the Warriors don’t win the 2018 NBA Championship – 23:59

Even though the start of the NBA season and the return of Utah Jazz basketball still seems far away, there’s plenty to debate about and speculate on and that’s precisely what goes on in this episode. If you have any questions you’d like answered on the podcast, be sure to comment below or reach out to @jaredwoodcox or @3PThreatPodcast on Twitter!

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