A far-too-early look at potential Utah Jazz free agent targets in 2018

Dennis Lindsey, Utah Jazz. Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images)
Dennis Lindsey, Utah Jazz. Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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OAKLAND, CA – JUNE 12: LeBron James
OAKLAND, CA – JUNE 12: LeBron James /

Big Names Available

In an attempt to make this list somewhat realistic in terms of which players the Utah Jazz ought to pursue next summer, there were several big name players that I just so happened to leave off the list. However, it seems it’s only a matter of time before the Jazz finally manage to net a big-time star and while they may not necessarily be able to do it next offseason, that doesn’t change the fact that they may need a significant star to get back to true title contention in the near future.

Therefore, even if their chances of adding any of the following players is slim to none, the old adage that says “You miss every shot you don’t take” certainly rings true here and the Jazz ought to at least inquire of most of these guys to see if there’s any chance in landing them next summer.

LaMarcus Aldridge – He has a lot to prove and play for this year and also has a player option for 2018-19, but if he returns to form he could work wonders for Utah’s frontcourt.

Paul George – It seems almost certain that his stay in Oklahoma City will be nothing more than a one-year stop before he flees to his so-called preferred destination of the Los Angeles Lakers. But depending on how the Jazz do this upcoming year, they could maybe make an interesting pitch to the staunch two-way swingman that rejoining a hard-nosed defensive team such as the one he played for in Indiana in his Conference Finals runs would be an ideal fit. This would take nothing short of a miracle, but would at least be worth a shot.

Russell Westbrook – After Paul George leaves him for LA next summer, Westbrook could potentially be interested in looking at another small market team to join forces with, right? We can dream, right?

DeMarcus Cousins – He’s a big name, but even if he begged to come to Utah, I probably wouldn’t want to touch him with a 10-foot pole. Not to mention, stinting Rudy Gobert’s further improvement would likely outweigh any positives that Cousins could potentially bring.

DeAndre Jordan – He’d be a terrible fit alongside Rudy Gobert and that therefore wouldn’t make him worth the money, but it will be interesting to see if Jordan can have an unrestricted free agency where he actually avoids getting locked up inside his own house.

Chris Paul – If it all burns down in Houston, maybe Chris Paul will want to join the team that ousted him in the playoffs in 2017. Seems kind of reasonable, doesn’t it? Oh, it doesn’t? OK, never mind.

Kevin Durant – I can’t think of a single reason why he wouldn’t want to spurn the Warriors just like he did the Thunder and come join the true best team in the West next summer.

LeBron James – Maybe he’ll see the light and realize that Utah truly is the best place for him to finish out his career.

Isaiah Thomas – He is about to get expensive, really expensive. And I think the Jazz (and most any other team for that matter) would be crazy to sign him to a max deal next summer. Nevertheless, it would be somewhat comical if the Jazz pried away the guy considered by many to be Boston’s “best player” just one year after the Celtics stripped the Jazz of their top dog.

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Although the Jazz will without a doubt be focused on this upcoming season rather than the offseason that’s currently just under a year away, they’ll also need to keep targets in the back of their mind if they hope to take a leap in 2018. There’s clearly several potential options to choose from and depending on how the team and Utah’s individual guys perform this year, the Jazz could be in for some major adjustments heading into the 2018-19 season.