Utah Jazz: Ranking Two Decades Worth of Trade Deadline Deals

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7) Jazz Trade Ronnie Brewer to the Memphis Grizzlies, February 18 2010

The Jazz acquire a first round draft pick and salary relief from the Grizz in exchange for Ronnie Brewer.

When then Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor made the decision to move Ronnie Brewer, you could see the logic in the deal. The Jazz were in a bind, facing both a luxury tax payment at the end of the year and a logjam on the wings. After completing the trade, O’Connor had this to say

"“We felt like we gain an asset for drafts coming up. We felt like we had a lot of players that were similar.”"

The problem with the deal is that the Jazz never saw much of a return on the “asset” they acquired. It was eventually tacked on as a tertiary part of the deal that brought Al Jefferson to Utah and was used to select Donatas Motiejunas in 2011.

Moreover, the trading of Brewer, who was a close friend of Deron Williams, drew the ire of the team’s franchise point-man. In response, he made his infamous, “That’s why I signed a three-year deal.” statement, referring to his decision to forego a full, max-years extension with the club.

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