Top 5 Most Intriguing Draft Prospects In Utah Jazz Workouts

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2. Kelly Oubre, Kansas Jayhawks

Kelly Oubre’s epic level of swagger during recent workouts alone makes the Jayhawks forward one of the more exciting curiosities of the 2015 draft class. If he ends up being half the player he thinks he is, Oubre could be a player for the ages.

Oubre is super raw as a player and is probably a few years away from being a significant contributor to an NBA club. Nonetheless, his length, athleticism and that strut in his step could be enough to coax the Jazz into taking him.

Is he Alec Burks or Andrew Wiggins? Kendall Gill or Kirk Snyder? Jimmy Butler anyone? The bust potential could be high with Oubre, but if a team is willing to swing for the fences, Oubre could be a home run pick worthy of the gamble.

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