2015 NBA Mock Draft

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11. Indiana Pacers

Cameron Payne. 11. player. 100. The Pacers have been raving about Cameron Payne lately. Payne is the third best point guard in this draft behind Russell and Mudiay. His offensive game is extremely well rounded. He can distribute and shoot the ball. Cameron has incredible basketball IQ as well. Payne is a capable defender and averaged 1.9 steals a game last year. The concern with Payne is that he didn’t get to the free throw line very often and would opt for the floater. Payne would give the Pacers a young PG to grow with Paul George. If the Pacers do not go with Payne, Miles Turner would likely be their pick.. Point Guard. Murray State

12. Utah Jazz

Turner would be a great pick for the Jazz at 12. Myles is a long big man with great ahtletisim. He is very intelligent and is a good passer out of the post. His shot is solid and has the chance to become a great stretch big at the next level. Turner averaged 2.6 blocks in 22.2 minutes per game. While Turner is raw, he has the potential to be a great two way player. He fits the system of Quin Snyder and would be a welcome addition. Other possibilities for the Jazz are Kaminsky, Dekker, Portis, and Looney.. Center. Texas. Myles Turner. 12. player. 118

13. Phoenix Suns

player. 66. Kaminsky is a very well rounded prospect. He can pass, shoot, and score in the paint. Frank is not an elite athlete and may struggle to defend quicker power forwards. However, he would be a great third big for the Suns. Phoenix could also look to add a wing shooter like Oubre.. Center. Wisconsin. Frank Kaminsky. 13

14. Oklahoma City Thunder

14. player. 149. Kelly Oubre is somewhat of a polarizing prospect. People either love him or hate him. The potential and tools are there for him to become a wonderful three-and-D guy. He is going to need time to develop, so being Durant’s backup would be the perfect situation for him to do so. If the Thunder do not add Oubre, they will likely look for another wing player who is ready to play right away. Sam Dekker could fit that mold for them.. Small Forward. Kansas. Kelly Oubre

15. Atlanta Hawks (from Brooklyn Nets)

player. 125. Bobby Portis may have the best motor in the draft. The guy never gives up. He is a scrappy rebounder and is a good shot blocker. Bobby’s shot is fairly solid and he could develop three point range in the NBA. The knock on Bobby is that he’s not much of an athlete. The stats love him though. The Hawks need more shot blockers and someone who can play right away. Portis could do both. Other options for Atlanta could be Dekker, Hunter, or possibly Vaughn.. Power Forward. Arkansas. Bobby Portis. 15

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