2015 NBA Mock Draft

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6. Sacramento Kings

Mudiay is the mystery man of this years draft. After committing to go to SMU, Emmanuel decided to go to play professionally in China for financial reasons. Due to injuries, he only played 12 games overseas. Mudiay is a great athlete and has good size for a PG. He uses his size and athleticism to excell in transition and rebound very well for his position. Many feel he should be a top three pick in the draft, so Sacramento would be estatic if Emmanuel is there for them to pick. They need a point guard and this athletic guard would fit well. If Mudiay is gone they will likely go with a big, like Willie Cauley-Stein, to play next to DeMarcus Cousins.. Point Guard. China. Emmanuel Mudiay. 6. player. 67

7. Denver Nuggets

73. Denver is the hardest team to figure out in this draft. There are rumors they are looking to trade Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried and start their rebuild process. Because of that they will likely pick the best player available. However, there are about four to six players in this tier where they are selecting. Last year Denver had the fifth worst defense in the NBA. Adding Cauley-Stein would help that immensley. Willie has true “DPOY” potential. He has fantastic defensive instincts that are coupled with an extremely long and mobile body. He is fairly raw on the offensive end, but his defense is game changing. Denver could also look at Mario Hezonja or Stanley Johnson with this pick.. Center. Kentucky. Willie Cauley-Stein. 7. player

8. Detroit Pistons

8. player. 64. Detroit should be overjoyed if Hezonja fell to them at eight. They need shooting and Hezonja may be the best shooter in this draft. <a href=. Shooting Guard. Croatia. Mario Hezonja

9. Charlotte Hornets

170. Similar to the Pistons, the Hornets need three point shooters. They were the worst shooting team in the league last year and took a step baskwards after making the playoffs in 2014. In Devin Booker the Hornets are getting the youngest player in draft and one of the best shooters. He has the potential to be a great three-and-D player. There are risks with Booker though as he is not a great athlete or ball handler. One also has to wonder if his shooting was inflated with so many high-level players around him drawing the attention of the defense. If Booker is gone they will likely take the best shooter left.. Shooting Guard. Kentucky. Devin Booker. 9. player

10. Miami Heat

110.  <a href=. Small Forward. Arizona. Stanley Johnson. 10. player

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