The J Notes 2011 NBA Mock Draft 2.0


With just over 24 hours until draft time all kinds of rumors are flying around. Just how much of what’s going around is factual and how much is complete speculation is debatable, but there are some indicators that bear discussion. First of all our Pistons site Life on Dumars is reporting that the Pistons have zeroed in on Tristan Thompson with the 8th pick. There is some validity to this rumor, Thompson worked out with the Pistons on Wednesday and then canceled all remaining workouts, lending credence to the thought that the Pistons may have given him a promise with pick 8.

Chad Ford on has also indicated that the T’Wolves may be looking at taking Enes Kanter with the 2nd pick, which would give the Jazz the small forward they crave at pick 3 in Derrick Williams. According to Ford:

"Late Tuesday night, sources told that the Wolves were strongly considering taking Enes Kanter with the No. 2 pick.However, don’t get out your Sharpie and write Kanter into the No. 2 spot just yet. The Wolves are continuing to debate between Kanter and Williams and are exploring a number of trade possibilities with both the No. 2 pick and players on their roster. The outcome of those talks will ultimately steer the direction of this pick."

Finally Andy Katz is also reporting that if Kanter is still on the board when the Jazz pick at #3 he instead of Knight will likely be the Jazz selection. According to Katz:

"Utah is deciding among four players at No. 3 with two of them likely not within its reach. If Irving and Williams are indeed gone by the time they come on the clock, the Jazz are leaning toward Kanter over Brandon Knight of Kentucky, but that remains a fluid discussion for management."

Considering how tight lipped the Jazz front office is, especially during draft time, it’s hard for me to believe anyone within the Jazz front office would have confirmed to Katz that Kanter is indeed the Jazz selection. So based on all of this, and I’m sure we are going to hear more and more rumors between now and draft day here’s our Mock 2.0

1 – Cleveland – Kyrie Irving

2 – Minnesota – Derrick Williams – I still believe all of the Kanter at #2 discussions are a smokescreen in an effort to get a better trade offer.

3 – Utah – Enes Kanter – Again I can’t believe I’m going to buy into the hype but the thought of Kanter as the 3rd pick makes me want to puke, so of course the Jazz will take Kanter, giving them an even bigger logjam at power forward/center and leaving the possibility that Fredette is available for the taking at pick 12.

4 – Cleveland – Jonas Valanciunas – Cleveland is crushed that Kanter is gone, they take the 7 ft Lithuanian who will stay in Europe one more year but with the pending lockout that may not be such a bad thing.

5- Toronto – Brandon Knight – The best possible situation for the Raptors they get the guy they want who they thought would be long gone.

6 – Washington – Jan Vesely – Don’t rule out the option of Utah trading the 3rd pick for Washington’s 6th and 18th picks, that way the Wizards get the guy they want in Kanter and Utah can add a PG in Walker or Fredette then 2 wings like Chris Singleton, Alec Burks, Marshon Brooks, Jordan Hamilton or Tobias Harris.

7 – Sacramento – Kawhi Leonard – The Kings are thrilled Leonard is still on the board.

8 – Detroit – Tristan Thompson – If you believe the news on our Pistons Site and we do then Thompson is the pick here.

9 – Charlotte – Kemba Walker – Honestly I have no idea what Michael Jordan will do, Marcus Morris makes a lot of sense here too but Charlotte didn’t expect Walker to be here so they snag him.

10 – Milwaukee – Marcus Morris – Again this pick is made with a lot of trepidation as I could see the Bucks go with Burks or Klay Thompson here, especially with the prospects of them losing Ersan Ilyasova to Europe next year.

11 – Golden State – Klay Thompson – This pick makes sense in so many ways for Golden State.

12 – Utah – Jimmer Fredette – With the Jazz going big at 3 with Kanter that opens the door for the dream scenario of Jimmer to the Jazz, let the jersey selling begin.

13 – Phoenix – Alec Burks – Another perfect fit especially with the Suns buying out Vince Carter. Burks can step in right away and play and will be a leading contender for rookie of the year.

14 – Houston – Bismack Biyombo – He’s a project but has all of the athletic abilities to be a defensive force right now and a poor mans Dwight Howard down the road. This is a good get for Houston.

A lot of changes from the first mock draft, this is my worst case scenario regarding the Jazz which seems to usually work out. I don’t hate the Jimmer pick, I just think that puts a lot of pressure on both him and the organization to play him a lot right away. I don’t like the Kanter pick at all, which makes me think it will happen. Again all of this changes if Kanter goes #2 to Minnesota, and don’t be surprised if the Jazz, among other teams make moves on draft night turning my mock into a complete mess. One thing for sure is that we will know in about 24 hours what’s going to go down in what is sure to be one of the most bizarre drafts in years.